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Humane Society


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Q: Where can I see the dogs and cats you have available for adoption?

A: Click the "Adoptable Dogs & Cats" link at the top of the page. You can also see photos of the animals on our Facebook page or by visiting Petfinder.com or adoptapet.com. You can also visit the shelter during adoption hours (look on the "Home" page) or you may make an appointment for a non-open day. If you see an animal listed as "adoptable" on any of the sites we use, then they are still available. We mark animals adopted as soon as possible once they leave our care. On occasion an adoption is pending, but it is usually noted as such.

Q: I'm interested in one of your adoptable dogs or cats, now what do I do?

A: Your first step is to submit an application online or at the shelter. The adoption application link is at the top of this page. Once we look over your application, we will contact you and you can come to the shelter. We will introduce you to the dog or cat you are interested in, give you time to play, answer any questions you may have, and then you (and us) can decide whether he or she is the new family member for you! You simply pay the adoption fee and take your new furry family member home! We do strive to make the best matches possible with our adoptables and our adopters. If we feel the animal you are interested in is not a good fit for your family, we will tell you.

Q: What kind of vet care will the dog or cat I adopt require?

A: All dogs and cats that come into the shelter are immediately vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed, and de-fleaed. Dogs are immediately tested for heartworms and Lyme disease. We send dogs and cats once a month to Pets Alive Spay/Neuter Clinic in Bloomington, Indiana to be altered and there they also receive their rabies vaccination. Depending on when the animal has come into our care depends on when it will be spayed/neutered. Occasionally a dog or cat is adopted before they can be sent on a transport, due to being too young to be altered. In those situations, the adopter either brings the dog or cat back to us for the next spay/neuter transport or, if they prefer to get the spay/neuter done at their own vet, we offer a small refund ($10 for cats, $20 for dogs) of the adoption fee once we receive a receipt from the vet of the spay/neuter. Any animal that has come in ill will be vet treated prior to adoption. The only thing you may have to do is continue with medication that is prescribed. We do our absolute best to keep our animals healthy. Having that many animals in an enclosed environment with people coming and going all the time, our animals (especially cats), may develop a cold. Then when taken into a new home, they can become a little stressed, which may aggravate their immune system. We want to send home healthy animals and will do whatever we can to ensure that happens! We love our animals like they are our own! If you adopt an animal from our shelter and they seem to be sick, contact us right away through email or on our facebook page - for quickest response. Our vet in Loogootee does what he can for us, at minimal cost. We have had adopters in the past rush an animal to an emergency clinic and tell us we owe them thousands and thousands of dollars. Our humane society does not have that kind of money. We operate with very little money each year. It is critical that if you adopt an animal that gets sick within a few days of taking it home, that you contact US right away. 

Q: What are your adoption fees? Do you charge more for certain breeds of dogs and cats?

A: Our adoption fees are a flat rate, all dogs and cats, regardless of breed, are treated the same. Dogs age 6 months and older are $90; puppies 6 months and younger are $100 and cats (all ages) are $45 and that includes all vet care, vaccinations, heartworm testing (dogs over 7 months), Lyme disease testing for dogs and spay/neuter. It also includes microchipping for dogs.

Q: Can I try out a dog or cat before I adopt?

A: While we don't always like to put dogs and cats through stressful situations, we do allow for trial periods with our dogs and cats. But we do ask that you are serious about adopting the animal before taking it home for a trial period. Dogs and cats that come into the shelter go through enough trauma dealing with the environment so we don't want them to get their hopes up time and time again, only to be returned. But we do want each adoption to last, therefore we want to make sure you and your dog or cat are the perfect fit for each other!

Q: Are your dogs housetrained?

A: Most of the dogs we have in the shelter are NOT housetrained. The shelter is run by unpaid volunteers who must work paid jobs during the day. Volunteers are not able to be at the shelter day and night so the dogs don't get to go outside several times a day. They are taken out once during the day and once during the evening. We have found that most dogs prefer to do their business outside, as a natural instinct. And regardless of whether any dog is housetrained when they come in, they will have to adjust to any new living situation, at the shelter or in your home. We would never tell you that a dog you adopt from us will not have accidents in your house.

Q: I have an animal that I can no longer care for. Can you take it?

A: Contact the shelter at 812-295-5900 or email info@humanesocietyofmartincounty.org to find out where we stand on our waiting lists for dogs and cats. Oftentimes we have more animals coming in than going out so you may have to wait. Please DO NOT drop off the animal at the shelter without speaking to a board member first! The shelter volunteers have to be prepared to handle incoming animals by prepping cages, getting paperwork together and preparing needed shots.

Q: A stray dog/cat showed up at my house. I can't keep it. Will you take it?

A: First of all, anytime a "stray" shows up at your house, it should be reported to us immediately. Please do not assume that because you don't know the dog/cat or the owners or haven't seen it before, that it has been "dumped". Someone is probably looking for their pet! We get calls almost daily regarding missing animals. Contact the shelter at info@humanesocietyofmartincounty.org or message us on facebook with a description of the dog/cat, where you live, and a photo of the animal if possible. We will get it posted right away. Then, you can bring the animal to the shelter during our next open day, as long as a cage/kennel is available to house it. Please DO NOT drop off an animal without speaking to a humane society board member first!

Q: I need to get my dog/cat fixed. Can you help with that?

A: Through our partnership with Pets Alive Spay/Neuter Clinic in Bloomington, we are able to offer low-cost spay/neuter services to Martin County residents. Our transports are the third Monday of every month. The regular price to fix cats through Pets Alive is $35 and for dogs is $65. If your pet has not had a current rabies vaccination, they are required by law to get one at a cost of $15. Pets Alive picks up all animals on Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. and they are returned around noon on Tuesday. To sign up, visit the shelter during regular open hours to fill out the paperwork and prepay. Phone calls do not count as a reservation. Pets Alive will also fix feral cats (sent in a live trap only) for a total of $25 which includes spay/neuter, rabies shot, annual booster shot and a shot for intestinal parasites. All feral cats sent will have their ear tipped, no exceptions.

Q: I need to report animal neglect/abuse/abandonment, who do I call?

A: Martin County now has animal control, as of April 2017. Report all neglect/abuse/abandonment complaints to the Martin County Sheriff's Department at 812-247-3726. Animal Control will be contacted. The humane society volunteers cannot respond to these complaints and ALL complaints must be called into the sheriff's department, not the animal shelter and NOT the animal shelter volunteers. Animal control never tells a pet owner who complained about them. That remains confidential.

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