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When can I schedule an appointment?

Our spay/neuter clinic is open only on Fridays. Dr. Loughmiller and her vet tech work in Bedford and Indianapolis the rest of the week. Dr. Loughmiller can perform an average of 16-18 surgeries each Friday. To request an appointment, click here. Female dogs are the longest surgery so those spots each Friday fill up quickly. The shortest surgery is male cats and they can fit in almost any Friday.

What happens after my pet has surgery? What do I need to know?

Dr. Loughmiller uses dissolvable stitches so there is no need to have them removed. Dissolvable stitches can be present in your pet for up to 6 months. If after a few months your pet seems bothered by them, you can drop by the clinic on Friday at 9:30 a.m. to have them cut out. Your pet should be kept as calm as possible for a few days after surgery. Dogs are notorious for wanting to lick the incision area so they either need to be watched closely or be put in a cone (we have some available at the clinic). Most every after-surgery issue stems from a dog licking their stitches which causes them to dissolve too quickly, thus opening the wound and causing infection. Do not bathe your dog for at least 7 days after surgery, preferably 10 days and don't let them get the area wet. If your pet seems lethargic or loses their appetite, check the area for swelling or redness. If an immediate issue arises, contact your regular vet as Dr. Loughmiller is only at the clinic on Fridays. You can resume feeding your pet once you take them home however they may vomit that first day due to the anesthesia. It's rare, but some dogs may cough for a few days due to irritation from the intubation tube. This is normal unless it continues or seems to affect their eating or breathing. Your pet also receives a tattoo showing they are altered. This is a small green/blue area on their stomach. This is not another incision! It's just under the first layers of skin. If you have a question, feel free to email info@humanesocietyofmartincounty.org. Volunteers can access the email from anywhere so it is much quicker than calling the shelter's landline number (812-295-5900) and leaving a message. 

What do I need to do with my pet prior to surgery?

It is critical that you do not feed your pet after midnight before surgery day. Your pet can vomit while intubated and cause the food to aspirate into the lungs. This can cause pneumonia that oftentimes becomes fatal. If your pet has eaten the morning of surgery, please provide that information.

How old does my pet need to be for spay/neuter surgery?

Dogs need to be as close to 6 months old as possible and cats need to weigh at least 4 pounds.

How much does surgery cost?

Dogs (male and female) under 70 pounds are $80. Male dogs over 70 pounds are $100. We do not spay dogs over 70 pounds. A full service vet needs to do that surgery as it is more complex. All cats, male or female, are $50. Feral cats (which must be truly feral) are $30 and must come in a live trap and will have their ear tipped. You can apply for a voucher at www.petfriendlyservices.org, which is a state program. Our clinic accepts those vouchers. 

What if I suspect my pet is pregnant?

If you are worried your pet is pregnant and do not want to lose the babies, keep them indoors, away from intact males for at least 68 days, which is how long they would be pregnant. If your pet recently gave birth, wait at least 8-10 weeks before scheduling their spay. Cats can go into heat multiple times a year so catching them between pregnancies is very difficult. If you have outside cats, you could be looking at up to 4-5 litters a year.